Jolteon Live Wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Jolteon Live Wallpaper-APP點子

How To Use?:

1. On home screen, place a finger on the display and long press.

2. From the menu that pops up, select “Wallpapers.”

【免費個人化App】Jolteon Live Wallpaper-APP點子

3. From here, select “Live Wallpapers.”

4. Here you will see a list of the live wallpapers that are installed on your device.

5. After selecting Jolteon, you can preview what your device will look like while the live wallpaper is applied.

【免費個人化App】Jolteon Live Wallpaper-APP點子

6. If you like what you see, hit “Set Wallpaper.”

Is That Easy!! Enjoy!

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