Jordic is offline dictionary viewer which supports PDIC file format. You can download PDIC files from SkyDrive. PDIC(Personal Dictionary) is famous dictionary software developed by TaN and a lot of free or commercial dictionaries are provided as PDIC file format. For example, Eijiro( has 1.8 million words for English Japanese dictionary.

- View and search word in PDIC(Unicode) dictionary files

- Download PDIC files from SkyDrive

- Dictionary groups to switch set of dictionary files easily


- PDIC SJIS(or other than Unicode) format is not supported

- No dictionary contents are included in Jordic(You need to buy commercial PDIC files or find free PDIC files)

- You need to connect your phone to external power supply and Wi-Fi network while downloading dictionary files from SkyDrive.

- You can open dictionary maximum 5 files at the same time(Dictionary group can contain max 5 files)

- Max number of history and bookmark is 100


- Application works with full functionality except that setting is not saved. you need to create dictionary group in setting every time you launch application.

1) From your PC, Get or buy PDIC files from dictionary content provider and put them on SkyDrive

2) From Jordic, access to SkyDrive and download files by

Setting -> files tab -> download button -> storage tab -> SkyDrive

3) From Jordic, create a new dictionary group by


Setting -> groups tab -> new group button -> add/remove files button -> select files you want to add to the group


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