Do you think that life is boring with no holidays in it? - You just do not know about them!

✓ Do you want to know your age in weeks?

✓ Do you want to congratulate your friends on the Mercurial centenary?

✓ Or maybe you want to know how long your nails might have grown if you'd never cut them?

Then Jubilator is just what you need!

✓ Extraordinary anniversaries


✓ Interesting facts

✓ Live Tiles

✓ Reminders

✓ Tutorial Messages

All this makes Jubilator fun and easy to use. You only need to add an event or import birthdays from your contacts, and being ready to have fun. Congratulate your friends with funny anniversaries!

You can adjust settings to be notified about upcoming events, or you can put the Live Tile on the desktop and track upcoming events there.

And last but not least - using the suggestions page, you can have your say in the improvement and development of Jubilator's new features.


Use and enjoy!


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