Julie Diamonds

【免費個人化App】Julie Diamonds-APP點子

Julie, your name in beautiful diamond letters.

* Select 4 diamond versions of your name individually

* Choose additional diamonds: butterfly, flower or heart

【免費個人化App】Julie Diamonds-APP點子

* Set your own text as an additional option

* Set color, size and font (6 included) of the text

【免費個人化App】Julie Diamonds-APP點子

* Touch the floating objects to "pop" them into small bits

* Select from 10 different backgrounds, or set your own

【免費個人化App】Julie Diamonds-APP點子

* Includes 2 versions of nickname "Julisa" by request

If you have any questions or requests, please e-mail me at hitechpilot@gmail.com. I can help with most market issues.

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【免費個人化App】Julie Diamonds-APP點子

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