Jump Dodo Bird

【免費街機App】Jump Dodo Bird-APP點子

You can help the bird and his friends to collect the apple and overcome obstacles. Birds with super jumps. Run into the night with the bird on the cloud, avoiding obstacles , trees and subways. Gets lots of apples and unlock additional characters . Do not give up at the first hurdle that the bird never tires . Add new characters soon . Download it today for birds Saga is completely free. The controls are touch -based controls with simple and intuitive grace. Mechanical pleasant and fun game. Challenge your friends to get the highest score.


• The high resolution graphics

• Simple and intuitive controls

【免費街機App】Jump Dodo Bird-APP點子

• 140 levels

• 12 objects and capabilities

- Phone and Tablet support

- Music and sound effects

【免費街機App】Jump Dodo Bird-APP點子

- Play for all ages

- Game is free, no purchase required.

- No Violence, crude pictures in the game (Suitable for kids and children)

【免費街機App】Jump Dodo Bird-APP點子

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【免費街機App】Jump Dodo Bird-APP點子

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