Jungle World Run

【免費街機App】Jungle World Run-APP點子

you needs to collect coins to keep alive and using coins you can get all the avail facilities of flying suites, Magnetic Power kind of things which will help him to run with less problems.

1)Tilting the mobile on left and right side you can move character left and right side respectively.

2)Touch the screen to make character jump when any obstacle comes.

3)you can pause game anytime.

【免費街機App】Jungle World Run-APP點子

4)control the background sound anytime.

5)having collected sufficient fruits you can upgrade hero.

6)You can reset game anytime.

【免費街機App】Jungle World Run-APP點子

7)Inside game instruction page is given that will help you to guide..

【免費街機App】Jungle World Run-APP點子

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