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Just Stop Eating So Much! can help you change your life one reasonable bite at a time. Upon graduating from college, Gregg McBride tipped the scales at over 450 pounds and would literally become breathless while having a phone conversation. It’s when Gregg stopped looking for a quick fix and started using common sense that he had several breakthroughs, which resulted in his taking off over 250 pounds of excess weight in less than a year’s time (without gimmicks, pills or surgery) -- all of which he’s kept off for over a decade. Gregg now shares his strategies for mental and physical well being -- as well as recipes, exercise tips, humor, life lessons and observations -- via Just Stop Eating So Much!, through which he hopes to inspire you to change your life and improve your health one reasonable bite at a time.

【免費健康App】Just Stop!-APP點子

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