K-3 Sight Words

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Teach Your Kids To Read With Sight Words.

Reading is the most important skill a child will ever have. In most schools children are expected to be able to read short stories by the end of the first grade. Many of the words can not be sounded out they have to be memorized.

【免費教育App】K-3 Sight Words-APP點子

A list of words called the “Dolch Sight Words” was compiled to help memorize the most important words need to be able to achieve this task. The list is separated into five groups.

I have included all five levels in the newest version for the same low price.

【免費教育App】K-3 Sight Words-APP點子

Why buy all five levels separate when you can get them all here!!!

【免費教育App】K-3 Sight Words-APP點子

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