KAGOSHIMA Sights Photo Gallery

【免費攝影App】KAGOSHIMA Sights Photo Gallery-APP點子

"KAGOSHIMA Sights Photo Gallery" is a photograph collection of the sights registered with the Kagoshima tourism application "KAGOSHIMA Sights".

Please enjoy this together with "KAGOSHIMA Sights".

【Compiled Photos】

・174 notable sights

・26 seasonal traditions

◆Main functions


Turn the page by flicking left or right.


Pictures appear by animation.

【Thumbnail list】

Select the picture you'd like to view from the thumbnail menu.

【免費攝影App】KAGOSHIMA Sights Photo Gallery-APP點子

【Save the image】

Can store in the terminal part of the image.

【Settings Menu】

Adjust the various settings in this application.

1. Animation time

Set the time (in seconds) of the animation.

2. Sound ON/OFF

Animation sound ON/OFF.

3. Music selection

Select animation music.

4. Animation type

Set the animation type.


【免費攝影App】KAGOSHIMA Sights Photo Gallery-APP點子


【免費攝影App】KAGOSHIMA Sights Photo Gallery-APP點子

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