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What is KB token?

KB token (or mobile token) is an application, which is installed in the mobile phone and enables generating one-time passwords for logging and for signing transactions in KB24.

Mobile token operates in offline mode, which means that in the process of generating passwords it does not connect to any of banking systems and any text messages are not sent. Connection to internet is required only during downloading, activation and changing PIN in KB token.

KB token is available in Polish and English.

【免費財經App】KB token-APP點子

Is it safe?

One-time passwords which are generated by the KB token are unique and assigned to particular transaction. By using the Additional Data Verification functions it is possible to check whether execute of transaction is reconcilable with disposition – it considerably reduced the risk of hacker attacks. Access to KB token is protected by the 6-digits PIN number which is granted by the User. PIN is not storage in the application and is not verified on the application – it means, even interception the phone and decoding application disallow to know the PIN number.

How to get started KB token?

【免費財經App】KB token-APP點子

Customers who use one-time passwords list or hardware token, can change authorisation method in KB24 service any time, by using option ‘Aktywuj KB token’ in ‘Ustawienia’ bookmark. In case the activation code was sent by bank Advisor, application should be downloaded and activated by using this code.

【免費財經App】KB token-APP點子

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