Kalory is a simple way to keep track of the calories you eat and burn that takes the effort out of losing weight.

Kalory has a live tile that keeps track of your calories and takes into account the calories your body burns throughout the day so you easily keep track of your intake and stay motivated to keep that live tile total down.


Kalory gives you complete control over metric and imperial measurement units.


v2.0 - Kalory is now compatible with Windows Phone 8

v1.8 - New metabolism adjuster for special needs (e.g. pregnancy). Interface and performance improvements.


v1.7 - Huge speed improvements for large databases, UI polish, improvements to Dropbox backup/restore, bugs and reliability fixes

v1.6 - Ads removed. Minor speed improvements and bug fixes


v 1.5 - Minor bug fixes and UI consistency improvements


v1.4 Compatibility with 256mb devices, UI cleanup, minor performance and reliability fixes.

v1.3 interface overhaul, graphs and charts to show your progress graphically, backup and restore your records with Dropbox, add records from dates before you started using Kalory, some bug fixes and UI cleanup.


v1.2 fixes the 'new day' bug in v1.1


Privacy Policy

This app doesn't transmit or use any of your data for any purpose. Personal data you enter into the app is only used within the app.

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