KanColle Battery

【免費工具App】KanColle Battery-APP點子

This app is a derivative work of "KanColle"

This clock(BatetryWidget) app made with "KanColle" characters!

【免費工具App】KanColle Battery-APP點子

Please use after reading the 【Terms of Use】.

【Terms of Use】

【免費工具App】KanColle Battery-APP點子

Supports "2x2" widget size only.

Supports Android 3.2 and beyond.

【免費工具App】KanColle Battery-APP點子

Clock setting available by touching the pasted widget.

Setup screen may be distorted in certain devices.

【免費工具App】KanColle Battery-APP點子

"2x2" widgets may not display properly in certain devices. Please restart the device to fix this.

Display cycle settings available. Short display cycles may increase battery use.

【免費工具App】KanColle Battery-APP點子

"Kantai Collection" is a game co-developed by DMM.com and KADOKAWA GAMES.


【免費工具App】KanColle Battery-APP點子


Font Used: "Yasashisa Gothic Bold"

【免費工具App】KanColle Battery-APP點子


Illustrations and Icons: KURO☆HERO

 (pixiv http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=6038014)

 (HP http://kurohero4501.wix.com/kuro-hero)

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