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You want absolutely to keep a song in mind or just to have fun with your favourite songs...

Karaoke - Sing Me allows you to play most of the common Karaoke formats!

Place your music and your karaoke files on your device, add them to the library and...don't hesitate to sing!!!

Karaoke Sing Me supports:

【免費音樂App】Karaoke - Sing Me-APP點子

- MIDI e Kar, that are the most common karaoke files, and they are files containing both audio and lyrics!

- MP3+G: the graphical Karaoke format which includes a CD+G file (usually extracted from special Karaoke CDs) and an associated MP3.

【免費音樂App】Karaoke - Sing Me-APP點子

- MP3+LRC: the lyrics are stored in a LRC file, associated to an MP3 file, like the MP3+G. It supports the "Enhanced LRC format", too!

Karaoke Sing Me also includes:

- The automatic search for LRC files on "http://www.antosdr.it/KaraokeSingMe/" for single mp3 with no lyrics associated with it(my LRC database is young so it does not contain lot of file: please, don't leave bad comments for this because lot of LRC files can be found on the web, too).

- MIDI tools: (click the button on the left bottom corner of the screen to get access to them)

1) when you open a MIDI or KAR file, the best suitable encoding is automatically detected, but if the encoding is wrong you can also select a correct one in the lyrics panel; UNICODE Karakan & folksKJ format is also supported(Thanks to Phuoc for its support!);

【免費音樂App】Karaoke - Sing Me-APP點子

2) in the channels panel, you can see all playing MIDI channels and you can also disable one or more of them;

3) in the tone panel you can change the key note/tone of current playing file.

- Create or edit playlists.

- Browse all of your media files using the Artist/Album/Genre filters.

- Open zip file in the Karaoke Archive(the quality of this feature depends on your Android version).

- Browse your files directly on Dropbox or Google Drive™ ! Karaoke - Sing Me support cloud services to access your karaoke files saved on your online folders!

- Personalize lyrics font.

- Personalize the playback background with:

【免費音樂App】Karaoke - Sing Me-APP點子

1) A predefined theme;

2) An image from your sd card;

【免費音樂App】Karaoke - Sing Me-APP點子

3) A set of images taken from a folder of your sd card! They will fade one to another, like a professional Karaoke machine does!

- Enable the autoplay of the next track, for the kind of list of files you want, in the preferences panel.

- Share/Send the file your are going to play.

- Include a song in the Karaoke archive directly from your file manager or media player using the send/share action.

And much more!

You don't know how to find Karaoke files? No problem! Integrated within the app, there are various tools useful to find on the web the Karaoke files you are looking for!

If you experienced problems with a karaoke file, mail it to me, so I can further improve my app!

If you got troubles using this app, read carefully the help panel, or join discussions on the Karaoke Sing Me Facebook page, or mail to me and I provide has soon as possible to help you.

【免費音樂App】Karaoke - Sing Me-APP點子


Integrated with Google Drive!

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【免費音樂App】Karaoke - Sing Me-APP點子

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