Karate Chop - Fight Club

【免費動作App】Karate Chop - Fight Club-APP點子

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Want to join my fight club?

It will take some determination to fight your way through my club.

【免費動作App】Karate Chop - Fight Club-APP點子

Work your way up from a white belt to a black belt.

There are rules to Karate Chop.

Play the game and learn the rules.

As you progress, your character learns new moves.

You find yourself against a swarm of opponents ready to take you down.

Is your karate skill, luck, and mental toughness enough to win the coveted black belt?

We will see young athlete.

【免費動作App】Karate Chop - Fight Club-APP點子

Timing is a big part of the game. You need to learn your opponent's weaknesses to win the match.

Swipe the screen for character movement.

Punch: swipe right

Dodge: swipe left

kick: swipe down and right (diagonal)

Jump Kick: star is needed - swipe up (straight up)

Round House: energy is needed - swipe up and right (diagonal)

【免費動作App】Karate Chop - Fight Club-APP點子

Critical Strike: five hits in a row

If jump kick doesn't work for you. Make sure that you have a star (ding noise).

Make sure to swipe straight up, and not at an angle for jump kick.

It is recommend to play this game with the sound on.

Fight on!

This game features an opponent that is a street fighter. It is one on one combat with boxing, karate, kicks, punches, magic spells, fireballs, taunting and anything goes. Some of the enemies even have magic that they will use against you. The game is made by onecoder publications and the game is called karate chop - fight club. Rudy's Sensei comes from a mortal combat background where he would perform devastating moves in fight clubs. Learn everything you can from your Sensei, you will need all the help that you can get for your fights in the ring and out.

【免費動作App】Karate Chop - Fight Club-APP點子

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