Kaseya Secure Browser

【免費商業App】Kaseya Secure Browser-APP點子

Important: This app requires a corresponding account on a Kaseya BYOD Gateway deployed in your business. Please contact your IT staff for further information.

Kaseya Secure Browser is a containerized browser that securely accesses intranet apps such as SharePoint. It integrates with Active Directory and other authentication services to deliver a single sign-on experience.

• Data exchanged between the gateway and Browser is encrypted end-to-end

【免費商業App】Kaseya Secure Browser-APP點子

• If a mobile user’s device is lost or stolen, Browser’s secure PIN entry prevents unauthorized access

【免費商業App】Kaseya Secure Browser-APP點子

• Data remains secure with AES-256 encryption both in flight and on the device

【免費商業App】Kaseya Secure Browser-APP點子

• Simple navigation, no complex URLs to enter

Kaseya Secure Browser is a component of Kaseya BYOD Suite that also includes Secure Mail and Secure Docs.

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