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With the Kelly Law Firm App, you will have access to many of the resources you need to manage your case at the convenience of your finger tips.

App Features:

【免費書籍App】Kelly Law - Internet Lawyer-APP點子

- Case Evaluation

【免費書籍App】Kelly Law - Internet Lawyer-APP點子

- Live Chat with The Kelly Law Firm

【免費書籍App】Kelly Law - Internet Lawyer-APP點子

- Make A Payment for your case right in the app

【免費書籍App】Kelly Law - Internet Lawyer-APP點子

- Access the dropbox folders that have been shared with you by Aaron Kelly

【免費書籍App】Kelly Law - Internet Lawyer-APP點子

- View your To-Do List assigned to you by Aaron Kelly over Basecamp

【免費書籍App】Kelly Law - Internet Lawyer-APP點子

- Stay up to day with the latest News and Blog stories from right in the App

When people think about hiring an attorney, they want someone who will take the time to understand their situation and events that led to their current problem. Especially when it comes to internet law, as the internet has evolved to become engrained in our personal and business lives.

Here at The Kelly Law Firm, L.L.C., we understand that you and your legal issues are unique. Therefore, we treat our clients as individuals in need of a service. Lawyer Aaron Kelly works personally with clients on all aspects of their case, walking them through each step in the process. We operate in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, providing legal services to businesses and individuals throughout the Valley and greater Phoenix metro.

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