Kid Coloring - Abc, Number

【免費教育App】Kid Coloring - Abc, Number-APP點子

ABC, Number, Shape coloring books combines zoom/pan, filling, brushes and clipart libraries to increase creativity of kids, toddles, pre-school childrens.

Learning about Letters, Numbers, Shapes by coloring.

Coloring and painting tool:

- Filling

- Brush: over 30 different brushes

- Clipart: over 70 cliparts

- Eraser

【免費教育App】Kid Coloring - Abc, Number-APP點子

- Zoom/pan and painting mode (experimental)

- A selected color effects both filling and brush

Blending mode and color picker

- Blending mode defines how to combine a brush or clipart with the underlying picture

- Blending colors creates amazing effects (as Photoshop

- Color picker with Alpha to create transparent images


【免費教育App】Kid Coloring - Abc, Number-APP點子

- Unlimited undo/redo for filling

- 1-level undo/redo for brush, clipart, eraser

- Save to SDCard

- Share to FaceBook, Picasa, email…

- Sound effects

【免費教育App】Kid Coloring - Abc, Number-APP點子

- Smartly switch between zoom/pan and painting mode

- Optimize view for Tablet (Honeycomb on Xoom, Galaxy Tab…)

- Rotate to optimize picture size

Coloring books are shipped with application

- Book is organized by subject

- 10-15 pages per books

【免費教育App】Kid Coloring - Abc, Number-APP點子

- Book list is updated frequently from Cloud

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【免費教育App】Kid Coloring - Abc, Number-APP點子

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