Kids - Farm Animal Sounds

【免費教育App】Kids - Farm Animal Sounds-APP點子

➧ The Kids Farm Animal Sounds App—the next best thing to owning your own Farm!

✧ Real-life sounds of Farm Animals in various environments are what you can expect with this sound board app. Just imagine hearing the grand sounds of a horse, pigs, goats, tons of farm animals—at will. This app has the best collection of Farm Animal sounds, and is great tool for teaching young children about these brilliant animals!

♣ The Farm Sounds app allows you to play and listen to stunning animals. With nearly 50 different sounds in the collection, you are sure to have many favorites. In addition to listening to the sounds, you can also save a favorite as a notification by holding down on the image. Imagine the wonderment of people around you if the notification sounds in a public place!


ஜ IMPRESSIVE COLLECTION – With the Kids Farm Animal Sounds App by Liquid Apps you have access to almost 50 Farm Animals. The variety of equines in this collection is unbelievable!

♦ BEAUTIFUL IMAGES – Each sound is denoted by an incredibly beautiful image of one or more animals. You won’t believe the detail of the images!

♣ INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS – This app includes the unique feature of instant notifications. By simply pressing and holding one of the farm animal sounds, you can save it as a Text notification on your Android device!

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【免費教育App】Kids - Farm Animal Sounds-APP點子

【免費教育App】Kids - Farm Animal Sounds-APP點子

【免費教育App】Kids - Farm Animal Sounds-APP點子

【免費教育App】Kids - Farm Animal Sounds-APP點子

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