Kids ABC Explorer Lite

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

Kids ABC Explorer Lite: play and learn!

Submerge into the exciting world of discovery. This game turns every letter into a mystery for your tots delight. One must find the amusing objects whose name starts with the letter you pick. Found all the right objects? Congratulations!

Now move on to the next journey through the alphabet. This game will help your child better understand the English alphabet and learn new words they never knew before. All pictures are animated and voiced, clear pronunciation of words makes it possible to develop memory and correct pronunciation.


【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* Over 170 words for your child’s enjoyment.

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* Professional voicing with perfect pronunciation.

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* The new letters are unlocked only if a player has finished the previous ones. Thus, your child is given a challenge to complete the job before moving on to the next level.

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* Animated pictures.

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* The goofy, childish pictures will be enjoyed by all children.

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* This game is for children age 2 and above.


【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

It’s very simple:

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* Enter Kids ABC Explorer.

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* Click the START button.

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* Press a letter your child would like to work on.

【免費教育App】Kids ABC Explorer Lite-APP點子

* Than find all the objects in the picture whose first letter coincides with the letter you picked.

* Once you are done with your letter of choice feel free to move on to another captivating journey through the English alphabet.

We would love to hear any comments and recommendations you have for this game. Please grade our program. We are sure your child will love it :)

Thanks for downloading!

This lite version of Kids ABC Explorer includes full content for letters A through D. If you and your child are satisfied by this game, consider buying the full version now.

There are no adds in the app!

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