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【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

★ Kids love colors. They are surrounded by colors, so let’s help them learn, identify and differentiate colors.

★ Kids Learn Colors is an interactive Kids Colors app which makes learning colors easy, simple and fun which helps kids learn faster.

1. Kids Colors Learn ( learning kids Colors )

2. Kids Colors Memory Match ( learning kids Colors )

3. Kids Colors Scramble ( learning kids Colors )

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

4. Kids Colors Picture Quiz ( learning kids Colors )

5. Kids Colors Vocab Quiz ( learning kids Colors )

★ A complete package which makes learning kids colors fun for your kid. ( kids educational )

★ Kids learn very quickly through play. Kids Colors is an interactive educational game through which your child can develop hand-eye coordination and observation skills. ( kids educational )

★ Observation Skills are developed by paying close attention to many details, focus, analysing, reasoning and memory. Kids Learn Colors helps your child to do all these. It helps your child develop abilities without pressurising brain. It is a fun, simple educational game. ( kids educational )

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

★ Features of the game: ( kids educational )

✔ It enables your child to identify colors. ( kids educational )

✔ It enables your child to differentiate colors. ( games for kids play )

✔ It will help your child get familiarised with the spellings of different colors.

✔ It will also help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination skills. ( games for kids play )

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

✔ It will help develop your child’s observation skills. ( learning kids )

✔ It is a simple and fun learning game. ( learning kids )

★ What does the game offer? ( games of children )

✔ Learn, Practise and Test yourself.

✔ Learn and Practise the colors:- Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow.

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

✔ Learn through “Learn Kids Colors” ( games of children )

- Study the color dictionary and get familiar with sounds and spellings of colors.

✔ Practise through “Color Memory Match” and “Color Scramble” ( games of children )

- Test your memory by matching the words and pictures. ( games of children )

- Unscramble the letters to spell the words in ‘Color Scramble’.

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

✔ Test yourself through “Color Picture Quiz” and “Color Vocab Quiz”.

- Choose the word that matches the picture in ‘Color Picture Quiz’. ( games of children )

- Test your English vocabulary in ‘Color Vocab Quiz’. ( games for kids play )

★ How to play?(We recommend going in this order)

1. Learn Colors ( kids coloring pictures )

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

- Study the color dictionary. ( games for kids play )

2. Color Memory Match ( kids coloring pictures )

- Memory improvement and concentration is a part of this memory game.

- Tap on a tile to turn it over and reveal a color / spelling. Then tap on the second tile, trying to find the matching spelling / color. If the images match, the tiles are removed from the board. Try to see how few taps you need to remove all of the tiles.

3. Color Scramble ( kids coloring pictures )

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

- The game can prove to be a good stimulant for the memory.

- First, you must figure out the word. ( kids coloring pictures )

- Then select a letter and tap, drag and drop it on that particular block. ( games for kids play )

- If it is correct it will stay there or else it will go back to its original position. ( kids coloring pictures )

- Also, read out the information about the color displayed in the centre of the board. ( coloring book for kids )

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

4. Color Picture Quiz ( coloring book for kids )

- Guess the correct spelling of the color shown. ( coloring book for kids )

- There are four options to choose from. ( games for kids play )

5. Color Vocab Quiz ( coloring for kids games )

- This quiz requires general knowledge / general observation. ( coloring book for kids )

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

- There is a question with four color options. ( games for kids play )

- Tap on the correct option to move to next question. ( coloring book for kids )

★ We at UPUP are trying to do the same – Make your child enjoy learning. ( kids educational )

【免費教育App】Kids Colors-APP點子

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