Kids Flip - Smart game

【免費教育App】Kids Flip - Smart game-APP點子

Kiddy Flip is an interactive, funny and educated way to improve your and kids’ memory skills.

Be carefully and specially designed for children by experienced educators and designers, this app is an amazing and funny collection of 7 different card sets being friendly to the children, including: Cakes, Birds, Planes, Cars, Balls, School-related and Fruits.

【免費教育App】Kids Flip - Smart game-APP點子

Whats inside:

- 2 levels: Easy (12 cards) and Hard (28 cards)

【免費教育App】Kids Flip - Smart game-APP點子

- High quality image

- Funny sound

【免費教育App】Kids Flip - Smart game-APP點子

- Smooth animation

【免費教育App】Kids Flip - Smart game-APP點子

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免費玩Kids Flip - Smart game App

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