Kids Phonics Lite

【免費教育App】Kids Phonics Lite-APP點子

Phonics app with basic to advanced lessons for kids learning to read.


* 5 Demo topics with 150 exercises - B-C-D-F lesson, X-Y-Z lesson, Short Vowels Review, CVCe lesson and sn-sp-st-sw blends.

* Full version has more than 1200 exercises using 15 different interactive games.

【免費教育App】Kids Phonics Lite-APP點子

* Brief instructions for each topic, followed by many interactive games with voice instructions, phonics cues, and hints to reinforce the concept.

* Kids enjoy fun sound effects, interactive animations and rewards on completion.

* No third-party ads and No data collection.

Lessons start with consonant and vowel sounds for beginners learning to read. Later lessons cover advanced topics for older kids - Consonant Blends, Digraphs, Diphthongs, CVC/CVCe. Kids can do the lessons in order or skip ahead.

Each lesson is taught using multiple games such as -

【免費教育App】Kids Phonics Lite-APP點子

* Locate the position of a phonics sound in the word

* Phonics Bingo

* Word arithmetic

【免費教育App】Kids Phonics Lite-APP點子

* Pop bubbles

* Connect starting letter to image

* Memory game

【免費教育App】Kids Phonics Lite-APP點子

* Spell the word game

* Word search game

* Flip cards to correct the spelling

【免費教育App】Kids Phonics Lite-APP點子

* Break the word into Syllables

* Fill-in the missing letters in the word using its phonetic sound

* Select objects that make the given letter sounds

【免費教育App】Kids Phonics Lite-APP點子

* Multiple games for sorting and ordering of objects using phonics sounds.

Our Story

When we looked for apps to help teach our kids, we couldn't find any that were good. One was just information text for the kids to learn by rote. Another was multiple-choice tests - just press buttons. A third had 2 sound-tracks and 4 animations running all at the same time. How was a kid supposed to focus?

So, we designed and built them games - that teach in the way parents and teachers explain concepts, and engage in the way playing does.

【免費教育App】Kids Phonics Lite-APP點子

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