Kids recipes

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In this application, you will have:

- 60 tasty recipes with photos


* Apple and berry crumble

* Apple cinnamon donuts

* Apple donuts with caramel

* Apples in caramel

* apricot marmalade

* Banana cake in the Indian

* Bananas in Chocolate

* Berry soup with ice cream

* Besan Barfi

* Cake pops

* Caprice for a buffet table

* carrot kheer

* Chocolate - banana Pokemon)

* Chocolate cake in 2 minutes

* Chocolate mousse with cashew

* chocolate pudding

* chocolate truffle

* Christmas jelly

【免費書籍App】Kids recipes-APP點子

* coconut Barfi

* Cookies for Halloween

* Cookies Vanilla Latte

* Cottage cheese cake with cherries

* Cucumber rolls with feta cheese

* Egg-feet

* Fabulous gingerbread houses

* Farfalle with tomatoes and cheese sauce

* Fried ice cream

* fruit rolls

* fruit tartlets

* Ghapama

* Grilled peaches with whipped cream

* Heavenly drink)

* Homemade lollipop

* ice cream in a basket with berry sauce

* Kalakand

* Laddu of mung gave

* Manohar

* Marble cake

【免費書籍App】Kids recipes-APP點子

* Mini cakes

* nakatala

* Pancakes in the Overseas with broccoli

* Pancakes with jam

* Patishapta

* Payasam Apple and gave masur

* Penguins))

* Peppermint candy

* Pistachio meringues with strawberries

* Pizza "Dolce"

* Polish cakes for tea

* Pumpkin cinnamon rolls

* Rolled chicken with broccoli

* Shahi Tyukra

* Strawberry and pear soup with vanilla ice cream

* Strawberry Cheesecake

* Strawberry Cheesecake

* Strawberry dumplings

* Strawberry roulade

* Sweet potato cake

【免費書籍App】Kids recipes-APP點子

* sweetness of the dried fruits and nuts

* Zebra Cheesecake

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Bon appetit!

【免費書籍App】Kids recipes-APP點子

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