Kids' Music Player (Free)

【免費音樂App】Kids' Music Player (Free)-APP點子

Disclaimer: No children's tunes included. This app is an alternative music player user interface, it plays your own music from your digital music library that you have to copy to the phone's local storage, first.

★ "Inventive app ... good for kids who can't read yet." ★

(The Guardian Apps Blog)

This is the free demo version of the Kids' Music Player app. It is limited to two music albums. You can find the full version here on Google "Play".

- Music player suitable for kindergarten / preschool children

【免費音樂App】Kids' Music Player (Free)-APP點子

- Plays childrens' music from your digital music library

- Cute and funny

【免費音樂App】Kids' Music Player (Free)-APP點子

- Approved by the world's toughest testers: our own kids

- ad free!

Kids' Music Player is a music player for kindergarten / preschool children.

Of course your kids already know how to use your smartphone or tablet, but when they're small, they cannot read CD covers or titles yet.

That's where Kids' Music Player comes into play. To get started, choose the appropriate genres from your music library (e.g. "Children's music"), and you're ready to go.

Your child chooses an album by tapping it. Cute pet icons then represent each of the tracks on the album. Tapping an icon plays the song.

You'll be amazed seeing how fast your kids learn which pet stands for which song.*

It's intuitive - and fun! For older kids, you can additionally display track numbers and your kids will start to learn the numbers along the way!

Have fun!

* Tested on our own children. No children were harmed making this software.

【免費音樂App】Kids' Music Player (Free)-APP點子

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