Kill 'Em Mole

【免費遊戲App】Kill 'Em Mole-APP點子

Here are these ugly f****** moles again. Kill them all if you can, no one has had the courage to kill them and they are filling the entire field with horrible holes.Don't hesitate, these creatures are not gentle nor endearing. They are a plague of vermin that will make life impossible and they love playing, a lot.Make your contribution by crushing all that you can. Ask your friends to collaborate, any help is appreciated! See if anyone in your group of friends can kill 100 moles.Warning: We have found that blowing up moles creates a false sense of empowerment and can be quite addictive, so if you feel the need to crush everything that moves after playing, repeat this: "It's not a mole, it's not a mole …"

【免費遊戲App】Kill 'Em Mole-APP點子

【免費遊戲App】Kill 'Em Mole-APP點子

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