Kim Adventure World: Kids Game

【免費冒險App】Kim Adventure World: Kids Game-APP點子

Come begin have some unlimited adventure and fun with Kim. She is a sweet little girl, fair in complexion, big eyes, short hair and a cute smile. She is innocent in looks but very adventurous. She loves to explore the world. This time she has a plan to visit her aunt in summers for her jungle summer camp. Let’s experience the never ending fun by downloading the new game Kim Adventure World.

Rated among the Best platform adventure games, this is surely your next best game play. Enjoy making her run sideways, jumping and collecting coins in the jungle.


# Superb graphics in sync with the excellent game design.

# A superb concept of Open World Platformer/side-scroller gameplay

【免費冒險App】Kim Adventure World: Kids Game-APP點子

# Interesting background score in sync with the theme.

# Adventurous and fun filled game for everyone.

【免費冒險App】Kim Adventure World: Kids Game-APP點子

# Really addictive game.

How to play:

The game is designed on a very simple and easy concept to make sure it can be enjoyed by all age groups especially for kids. Place your thumbs on the either side of the screen and get started. Use the arrow keys on your left to move the character sideways. Tap the arrow key on the right side to jump over the obstacles. To jump twice touch this arrow key quickly for a Double Jump. Collect the coins to achieve a great score. We have also placed interesting Power Ups and an attractive Health Feature for the character.

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