King's Nightmare

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CHESS - the classic game... played by generations. But there's a problem...

Your opponent moves. You wait around. Then you move and... yawn.

What if everyone gets to move at the same time? Welcome to the "King's Nightmare" for android!

This game had a humble origin on a Commodore 64.

It was written in 6510 assembly language in 1983, and originally stored on a cassette tape.

【免費街機App】King's Nightmare-APP點子

I still have the original C64 game (original concept, just slightly modified) on a 5 1/2 inch floppy.

To play this game just use the directional keypad to move the king around on the board.

Alternatively, use the UIO-JKL-BNM or QWE-ASD-ZXC keys to move around the board.

The center key is used to "capture" pieces, by arriving at a target square before the enemy piece does.

Then, by pressing the key after the piece 'attacks', you vanquish it.

【免費街機App】King's Nightmare-APP點子

There are 100 levels of play, from the very easy to the ridiculous. How far can you progress?

【免費街機App】King's Nightmare-APP點子

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