Kitchen Buddy(Timer&Converter)

【免費生活App】Kitchen Buddy(Timer&Converter)-APP點子

Kitchen Buddy combines the most usefuel kitchen tools into one. The unit converters take care of confusion between ounces and grams, pints and litres, as well as more! The timer counts down from any time you choose with an audible buzzer to let you know when time's up!

Kitchen Buddy has a pleasant and easy feel to using it and makes a perfect cooking companion!

The precision of the converters can be adjusted to suit your particular needs. Kitchen Buddy is so easy to use you probably won't need any instructions, but we've included some just in case!

Enjoy your Kitchen Buddy!

【免費生活App】Kitchen Buddy(Timer&Converter)-APP點子

【免費生活App】Kitchen Buddy(Timer&Converter)-APP點子

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