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As its name implies, it's a simple kitchen timer. Kitchen Timer Numpad is a very easy to use App. Pick the seconds, minutes, wind the timer and you're off. This convenient timer has various time scales making it usable whether you want to bake a cake, need an egg timer, or are preparing a stew.


¡ï Easy to setup

¡ï Time scales from seconds to minutes to support recipes

¡ï Designed to be used on phones and tablets

¡ï Designed for successful recipes.

¡ï Simple Elegant UI

Enjoy creating delicious dishes, with the Kitchen Timer Numpad! Ideal for food lovers who want their meals stay perfect. Cooking your food and snug, the Kitchen Timer Numpad will be pending for you. You can use other applications, Kitchen Timer Numpad will warn you when your food is ready.This is a very simple timer app. Can be used for any type of countdown timing. It is perfect for use in the kitchen. It could also be used for a simple nap timer for when you need that quick rest in the middle of the day.


- Kitchen Timer

【免費通訊App】Kitchen Timer Numpad-APP點子

- Food Timer

- General Alarm

Kitchen Timer Numpad will not let you forget that the stove is boiling pan or turn the oven. For a more accurate setting, press the clock at the bottom and set the minutes and seconds. At the end of the countdown timer will play melody. Your timer can be set in as little as 2 key presses.

- No matter where you cook, it is always with you when installed on a cell phone

- Large buttons for better handling.

- Despite mechanical clocks, this can also be set up accurately for shorter periods using the numpad.

- set up alarm time using the numpad.

Kitchen Timer Numpad is a very simple app with one purpose: To count down to a particular event that you specify. Time is money, time is life. So we all should cherish our time. How to do that? As for me, it is quite easy with this app- Kitchen Timer Numpad.



If you have activated setting button, please remove device administrator.

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