Klink leverages big data to provide in-depth customer profiles in real-time before and during calls. Our patented algorithm indexes and consolidates billions of data points to instantly bring you the information you need when it matters most. Klink efficiently integrates with your in-house systems of record (CRM, Company Database, Customer Support, etc.) to help you increase workflow productivity, data usability, and corporate revenues. Klink for Android is a brand new way for business professionals to experience the power of the Klink Platform at their fingertips.


★ Dossiers: Klink brings your customer profiles to life combining the most relevant customer information in your enterprise databases, CRM systems, public directories, industry sources, and the web.

★ Workflows: Klink keeps your systems of record up-to-date by tracking every interaction with your contacts including logged history, personal reminders and account notes from your co-workers so you never miss a conversation.

★ Unified Communication: Klink can also integrate with your telephony system (PBX) to provide you a seamless experience across all of your devices.


★ Mobility: Klink instantly provides context on inbound and outbound calls even when you don't have a customer’s number in your address book.


You'll be able to:

• Optimize sales interactions to increase your revenues with new and existing customers.

• Get customer intelligence at your fingertips before answering and making phone calls.

• Improve output and operational workflows by leveraging your in-house systems of records.

And you'll never:

• Miss an opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers over the phone.


• Waste valuable time updating complicated corporate data management systems.

• Manually track and log calls from your mobile phone.



Please note that to use this application you must be a Klink Enterprise customer and have access to the Internet. If you are new to Klink, please visit www.klink.com to sign up.

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Klink is a ThinkingPhones company.

By clicking "Install" you agree to these Terms of Service: http://klink.com/tos. Please note that Klink is only in English at the moment, but will begin localizing in a language near you soon!


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