Knights Match Race Game - Free

【免費教育App】Knights Match Race Game - Free-APP點子

Forsooth Sire! Knight Match Race is a chivalrous match-up game played against the clock and featuring fantastically medieval knight themed cards.

This game helps to promote the development of:

1. Memory skills

2. Pattern recognition

3. Motor skills

【免費教育App】Knights Match Race Game - Free-APP點子

4. Hand to eye coordination

5. Color recognition and vocabulary growth

You start round 1 with 100 seconds on the clock and in each subsequent round, the timer decreases by 10 seconds each time. That means you'll have to get quicker in this Knight Match Race Game for kids with your matches each round if you want to win!

The Knight Match Race Game isn't just any old matching game though - you'll need to find the knight and castle cards that link together!

Playing Instructions:

1. Click matching cards to clear them from the board before time's up.

2. Your matches do not have to be touching to be matched, but must be able to be linked together with a straight line or lines.

【免費教育App】Knights Match Race Game - Free-APP點子

3. You must pick matching pairs that are not diagonally linked, but are side to side or on top of each other.

4. When you make a match the game will show you the link with a green line.

There is some help at hand as you try to match your knight cards in this game - you can hit REFRESH up to 3 times and that will mix-up the cards to try to make it easier to find matches.

Also, there are 3 chances to use the FIND button. Hitting this will enable the game to find a match for you!

Knight Match Race Game - Free Version is a fun and challenging game. Get matching and find those exciting medieval pictures!

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