Knights at the Museum

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Knights at the Museum, a millennium of history, across three continents, inventions, objects, discoveries and multiple slideshow stories - all brought to you, on location, in one app.

Knights at the Museum takes you, on a journey over four regions in Scotland. Travelling the south east in Dunbar, then across to the west in Glasgow, venturing north to Dundee and ending up at the fresh sea airs of Aberdeenshire. If you are near any of the four locations you will be offered a direct link to that venue.

Built from the acclaimed Knight and the Crescent Hare project which explored our cultural heritage and its links with the Arab Muslim Renaissance. Creating and touring a new piece of theatre, the project also worked with local people in each location to create new digital stories about museum objects which linked Scotland and the Arab Muslim Renaissance.

Knights at the Museum is a storytelling voyage exploring the exhibits and their own stories.

Listen to young and old recount how they used these objects and the lasting impressions they had on their lives. Some of these objects were made by Arabs and others were inspired inventions from the Arab Muslim Renaissance. What links can you uncover between the Scottish shores against the scorching sun in the Middle East?

【免費教育App】Knights at the Museum-APP點子

【免費教育App】Knights at the Museum-APP點子

【免費教育App】Knights at the Museum-APP點子

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