Knit Counter

【免費工具App】Knit Counter-APP點子

Knit Counter is a multi-project/multi-counter application for Knitting and Crocheting. Have one for your sweater project, and another for socks, or whatever else you need.

Developed by a knitter, for knitters!

Long press Project name to get delete option. Long press counter name for counter options.

To set Stay Awake and Sound global defaults use the Settings option from the Menu on the main app screen. Toggling the value from the project view is just for the current operation and will get reset to the default the next time you open the project.

See website for full feature/release notes.

Please email me with any questions or problems!

Recent Changes:

【免費工具App】Knit Counter-APP點子


【免費工具App】Knit Counter-APP點子

+fix for error with older versions due to 4.2.1

【免費工具App】Knit Counter-APP點子


【免費工具App】Knit Counter-APP點子

+ fix for error with newer android and click sound looping until force quit

【免費工具App】Knit Counter-APP點子


【免費工具App】Knit Counter-APP點子

+Add the ability to set a minimum for a counter. Handy for when you need to repeat a range of pattern rows (i.e. repeat rows 9-15 six times)

If current value is less than the minimum when using the Set screen, the current value is set to the minimum.


~Modified Edit Note screen to fill screen with edit box and add scroll! Save/Cancel option through Menu button

~Add Toggle Sound to Project Menu (as well as through the settings on the main screen)

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