Knowledge Genie

【免費醫療App】Knowledge Genie-APP點子

Knowledge Genie is an initiative by Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd to provide our physicians with a single

platform where in doctors can access medical information.

The site provides access to e-Journals and e- Books across various specilaities. The CME section

【免費醫療App】Knowledge Genie-APP點子

provides a platform to physicians where they can experience of navigating through virtual cases,

simulating an interactive case-solving scenario.

The Collaboration section provides an oppurtunity to our physicians to interact with his peers and

【免費醫療App】Knowledge Genie-APP點子

post his views. The Medical News section helps the physicians keep themselves updated on the

newer trends in multiple specialties.

For Further enquiries please call our Support Cell at 1800 102 9254 or write to us at

【免費醫療App】Knowledge Genie-APP點子

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