Koi Pond

【免費娛樂App】Koi Pond-APP點子

New In Version 1.6:

- Improved Graphics and menus!!

- Lily Pads can be added to the pond.

- Feed the Koi by shaking the phone.

- Koi will flee away from waves

caused by your finger.

- Attract Koi to your finger by

pressing in the same place for

at least two seconds.

- Showing Ads gives the Koi more food.

Koi Pond turns your Windows Phone into

a relaxing pond with Koi fish swimming


There are many types of Koi that swim

in the pond and you can choose from 4

different backgrounds for your Koi Pond.


Move your finger around on the surface

to create waves. Move slowly to see

larger waves. You can use 4 fingers

to create different waves.

Touch near to the Koi to scare them.

Touch and hold to attract them to your

finger. Feel them nibble your finger.

Place Lily Pads on the pond and watch

them sway on the waves.

Shake the phone to add food to the pond.

【免費娛樂App】Koi Pond-APP點子

Watch the Koi eat up the food.


There are a variety of Water, Bird and

Insect sounds in the Koi Pond. You can

control the volume level and decide if

you want to listen to Water, Birds

or Insects. Choose your most relaxing


The Koi Pond can play audio while the

phone is locked. Set the sounds to a

relaxing combination, check the box and

press the Lock key. The sounds will

continue to play and provide a nice

relaxing ambient background sounds.

Show Ads:

If you would like to provide additional

support for Corpria Software, check the

"Show Ads" box. While the Ads are on,

the Koi will get some extra food. We

definitely appreciate the your support.

Trial Mode:

In trial mode, advertisements appear

on the top of the screen. You can Buy

the full version of Koi Pond to remove

the advertisements.

Developed by Corpria Software.

We hope you enjoy this application.

If you have any comments or questions,

【免費娛樂App】Koi Pond-APP點子

please contact us at support@corpria.com

【免費娛樂App】Koi Pond-APP點子

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