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Successful businesses operate on an increasingly global scale and benefit from engaging the services of accountants and advisors in each country, to take advantage of their local expertise and contacts.

Whether you are entering the international business arena for the first time, or building upon an existing global enterprise, Kreston International members are there to offer you an extensive range of professional services and the highest quality expertise available in their respective countries.

The first-hand knowledge of local regulations and customs provided by your Kreston member firm can give your organisation an invaluable competitive advantage in the world market place.

Our members, though independent firms, are accustomed to working closely together on client assignments to deliver cohesive and integrated international solutions. Kreston International is recognised among the world's leading accounting networks.



· Content updates dynamically via the web

· Search to quickly find high quality advisors in over 100 countries

【免費商業App】Kreston International-APP點子

· View firms and 1,000+ contact details

· Email or phone Kreston members directly

· Contact the Kreston International office for additional advice on firm selection

【免費商業App】Kreston International-APP點子

· Zoom into office locations using Google Maps

· Easily share and add Kreston contacts to Outlook or your Android phone address book

· Phones running Android 2.3 and above supported


Kreston International members offer partner led advisory and compliance services covering:

· Statutory audit and attest services

【免費商業App】Kreston International-APP點子

· Tax efficient structuring and compliance – both corporate and personal

· Cross border acquisitions and due diligence for both purchaser and vendor

· Corporate recovery and restructuring

【免費商業App】Kreston International-APP點子

· Global indirect taxes and customs duties

· Forensic accounting, valuations and litigation support

· Transfer pricing

【免費商業App】Kreston International-APP點子

· International fund raising, initial public offerings, venture capital, private equity

· Compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards and US GAAP

· Risk management and internal auditing services

【免費商業App】Kreston International-APP點子

· International business planning, strategy, budgets and forecasts

· Global technology and software selection services

· Multinational corporate and employment law

【免費商業App】Kreston International-APP點子

· Wealth and trust planning, pensions and employee benefit plans

· Outsourcing of accounting, payroll, company secretarial and other functions.

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