Double-click on the tiles to light them, and light all of the tiles on the kube to win Kubist. Simple.

Or is it?

Like "Lights Out," the Kubist tiles are connected, even to tiles on adjacent sides, so lighting a tile can affect other tiles.


Kubist lets you freely rotate the kube by swiping it, so you can strategize your moves and reposition the kube to access whatever side you want. Hitting the Align button, moves the kube to the closest straight alignment.

The options let you play the game your way


-- 3x3, 4x4, solid colors, patterns, random

-- make it look the way you like.

Each new game gives you a random set of lit tiles to start with too, so not every hand you're dealt is necessarily winnable. You can start a new game under Options to keep trying if you can't figure out the game you're dealt.


Think you can figure it out? Give it a try! If you do figure it out, Kubist has a special surprise for you! It's a fun 3-D strategy mashup that anyone can play!


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