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LDS Escrituras is the best Spanish scripture app available and is the only Spanish scripture app with real tabs!

This app contains many features not found in other apps such as: TrueTabs (real tabs, not limited multi-page versions like in other apps), fast navigation, multi-scrolling text, hierarchical bookmarks, inline notes, custom footnotes and cross-references, exact location histories, shareable content, and much more!

Thousands of additional resources can be downloaded from our web portal (magazines, institute manuals, art books, talks, ...)

Features (don't believe other's "exclusive" feature lists as they are untruthful):

• NEW! TrueTabs - Open as many tabs as you want!

• Money-back guarantee

• ePub format support

• Automatically download magazine issues each month

• Load virtually any of your own content into the app

• Very fast verse locator

• Verse tagging (assign unlimited number of tags to each verse/paragraph - Faith, Lesson 5, etc.)

• Auto-scrolling text

【免費書籍App】LDS Escrituras-APP點子

• Advanced highlighting (24 total colors, underline, bold, italic; words, phrases, and entire verses)

• Advanced bookmarks (organize into subfolders, update, rename, copy, paste)

• Advanced notes (see notes in-line while reading, icon)

• Advanced history (restores you to the exact location in a chapter)

• Fast Search that takes you to the exact verse

• Advanced footnotes and cross-references (create your own!)

• Drill-down through as many layers of verses and cross-references as you want

• Backup/restore personal data

• Landscape reading mode

• Customize colors, font, margins and alignment

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