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How to study effectively?

Do you want to succeed in exams?

Using Flashcard will help you learn faster and remember more in a shorter time by showing flashcards just before you will forget them. LEED Flashcards app has several learning modes: Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorize, Quiz to make the learning process for LEED exam more exciting and fun.


【免費教育App】LEED Flashcards-APP點子

LEED Flashcards app includes 3000 premade flashcards from 8 categories which cover all aspects of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification exam:

• Sustainable Sites

• Water Efficiency

• Energy and Atmosphere

【免費教育App】LEED Flashcards-APP點子

• Materials and Resources

• Indoor Environmental Quality

• Green Associate

• Building Design and Construction

【免費教育App】LEED Flashcards-APP點子

• General Review


LEED flashcards apps have received 3.500+ installed and counting. Some comments from our users about us in Google Play:

“Good content”.

Basic features:

• Import cardsets from Couser hero, Quizlet, Flashcard exchange.

【免費教育App】LEED Flashcards-APP點子

• Track study progress using Leitner system.

• Display statistics for cards and games

• Search cardsets from our database with millions of flashcards on various subjects.

• Review schedule to help you review flashcards before they are expired.

【免費教育App】LEED Flashcards-APP點子

• Customize flashcards by selecting font, background and languages.

• Access flashcards created from http://www.superflashcard.com

Premium features:

• Text to speech to study flashcards without looking at screens.

• Download unlimited flashcards to your devices for offline study.

【免費教育App】LEED Flashcards-APP點子

• Customize text color and background color/images of cards.

This app is also available on Apple App Store, Amazon Kindle App Store, Blackberry App Store and Windows Phone App Store. Please visit us at http://about.superflashcard.com/tour/ for more information .

LEED is a trademark of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

【免費教育App】LEED Flashcards-APP點子

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