LIC Premium Calculator (Trial)

【免費財經App】LIC Premium Calculator (Trial)-APP點子

instaPremium is the mobile LIC premium calculator app to help you take the guess work out and enables to calculate premiums/ maturity and commissions for Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) policies on the go! Also included is a plan mixer that enables you to create and save custom plan combinations. instaPremium can generate reports in PDF (in addition to plain text) and has the capability to share them using SMS, e-mail or social media.


• Plan mixing.

• Intelligent Age Sensing. Automatically rounds off age to last/ nearest birthday depending on the plan.

• Total premium to be paid till maturity.

【免費財經App】LIC Premium Calculator (Trial)-APP點子

• Generate, save and share quotes in PDF.

• Date back interest calculator.

• Age extra premium.

• Late fee calculator.

【免費財經App】LIC Premium Calculator (Trial)-APP點子

• Revival calculator.

• Age calculator.

• Online Utils: Check your policy status, pay premiums, log in to e-Portal etc.

• Save/ restore quotes.

【免費財經App】LIC Premium Calculator (Trial)-APP點子

• Quick, tabbed access to plan info.

• Flexible Jeevan Arogya with Class I and Term Rider Class I extra premium.

• FREE updates for a period of one year from the date of purchase (only for full version).

• Automatic detection and suggestion of minimum and maximum limits of age, S.A, term, P.P.T etc. for each plan.

【免費財經App】LIC Premium Calculator (Trial)-APP點子

• Search by plan name or number using partial or complete info.

• Calculations inclusive of service tax.

• Quick access to recently used plans.

• Compare premiums and details of all plans. Intuitive color-coded comparison.

【免費財經App】LIC Premium Calculator (Trial)-APP點子

• Subsequent year premium.

• Medical reports requirement.

• Business name on the final output.

• Automatic detection of various riders and waiver benefits.

【免費財經App】LIC Premium Calculator (Trial)-APP點子

• Separate Accident and Disability Benefit Rider calculation for police personnel.

• Calculate commission based on premium payment mode (yearly, half-yearly etc.).

• Transferable license from one phone device to another (only for full version).

This is a 30 day trial version that uses Google sign-in for unlocking.

【免費財經App】LIC Premium Calculator (Trial)-APP點子

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