LLC: Learn Language with Cards

【免費教育App】LLC: Learn Language with Cards-APP點子

LLC is the universal app for studying new words. It is not bound to English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Korean or any other language and is equally good no matter which language you know and which is just learning. No registration needed. No pressing. Pure profit.

This application is designed for the most efficient and convenient way of studying when it comes to remembering new words. We do not provide any artificial limited and boring topic grouped word sets. Instead you define what words you want to learn and the app gives you the way to remember these words effectively with automatically adjusted non-frustrating tests.

Typically, when you learn new words with LLC you pass two major stages:

1) You find new words in the language you learn in natural way with reading books, newspapers, blogs, listening to the radio, watching youtube videos, taking classes or referring to any other educational material you do enjoy. Just upon meeting new and interesting word or phrase, you add it to the LLC library.

Within word editor screen you can quickly add multiple words and use automated translation feature for the most common language pairs: German-English, Spanish-English, Finnish-English, French-English, Italian-English, Dutch-English, Portuguese-English, Russian-English, Swedish-English, Turkish-English.

Please note that automated translation even when available is not designed to fully replace professional dictionary. This is just a small helper that can reduce amount of typing for the most common cases. You should always double check provided translations when possible. The service is provided by third parties and no translation quality is guaranteed.

Group words in dictionaries. This way, for example, mean words wont mix up with the official business lexicon.

2) You pass words cards tests. Application automatically adjusts test parameters based on your previous results to assist you in the best way. You can setup notifications that will remind you to pass a test. The best time to do a test run is right before you go to sleep and early afternoon time.

Each test run consists of two stages:

- Check the words you remember. Don't hesitate to answer 'no' and be honest with yourself!

【免費教育App】LLC: Learn Language with Cards-APP點子

- Retype original words learning correct spelling.

You do not get 'bad' or 'good' test results. Just do everything in a fair way and you will see how fast your language skills are getting better.

You can easily track your results - words you do not remember very good are always one tap away from your Android home screen.

You can also export your dictionary and share it in wide-spread CSV format.

Study new languages efficiently with LLC - Learn Language with Cards.

【免費教育App】LLC: Learn Language with Cards-APP點子

【免費教育App】LLC: Learn Language with Cards-APP點子

【免費教育App】LLC: Learn Language with Cards-APP點子

【免費教育App】LLC: Learn Language with Cards-APP點子

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