Labour Conference

【免費書籍App】Labour Conference-APP點子

This application is to complement the Labour Party Conference event.

The application has the full fringe and main talk listings included allowing you to

- Plan your agenda offline

- Receive alerts 15 minutes before any of your favourite items are to begin

【免費書籍App】Labour Conference-APP點子

- Give you a map to hand of where your event is to take place.

- Contains floorplans for the exhibition area to help navigate to specific locations internally.

- Browse the googlemap view to see all the venues being involved in Conference and by touching the pop up bubble you can also see what talks are taking place inside each of the venues.

【免費書籍App】Labour Conference-APP點子

- A number of MPs twitter accounts are also included as recommendations on who to follow during conference.

Thank you for your support and suggestions in helping refine this product. Please contact us anytime for questions or suggestions.

【免費書籍App】Labour Conference-APP點子

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