Land Ruler

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Easy Property Management for the landlord with a day job!

Land Ruler Description

Land Ruler is an application made for landlords with a few properties looking for help keeping track of property information, researching the market, and managing repairs, contractors, and rental payments.

(app is not limited to any size constraints, but not designed for high rise owners with 50 or more tenants)

With Land Ruler you can:

Enter a new property address

【免費商業App】Land Ruler-APP點子

Assign a tenant from your phone contacts

Track rental payments each month for your property

Add contractors you regularly use for property maintenance from your phone contacts

Track and manage repairs for your properties

【免費商業App】Land Ruler-APP點子

View your property on google maps, streetview

Research market information from Zillow

View reports showing repair and payment history


- You can easily contact your tenant via email, text, or phone from the main rental screen.

【免費商業App】Land Ruler-APP點子

- You can see current payment information and follow up with tenants if this months rent has not been received.


- You can see a list of open repairs for your properties.

- You can easily see the contractor assigned and quickly email, text, or call them from the main repair screen.

- You can close out repairs and enter the cost of the repair (can be viewed later on the reports tab).

Research on rental details

【免費商業App】Land Ruler-APP點子

- You can view zip code rental information from trulia

- You can see the Zillow page for your property.

- You can view google maps and google street view for your property.


- You can view repair history by property.

【免費商業App】Land Ruler-APP點子

- You can view payment history by property.

- You can view activity history by property

Additional Features

- Press on the rental list to open up research, and edit features

- Long press on any repair to delete the repair.

【免費商業App】Land Ruler-APP點子

- From the menu, you can export your data to an xml file on your SD Card

LandRulerPro provides unlimited number of rental properties. LandRuler supports all features for 1 rental property.

【免費商業App】Land Ruler-APP點子

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