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【免費工具App】Large Text Lite-APP點子

Share text easily with someone next to you without talking out loud. You can choose the text to display as well as the colors of both the text and the background and the screen orientation. Very useful to ask the waitress for another beer without shouting or waiting.

Full version includes:

【免費工具App】Large Text Lite-APP點子

* share contacts information in large text directly via 'share' menu

【免費工具App】Large Text Lite-APP點子

* 10 color themes to choose from

【免費工具App】Large Text Lite-APP點子

* save presets that you can use later

【免費工具App】Large Text Lite-APP點子

免費玩Large Text Lite APP玩免費

免費玩Large Text Lite App

Large Text Lite APP LOGO

Large Text Lite LOGO-APP點子

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