Latin Tester

【免費書籍App】Latin Tester-APP點子

Test your skills at bending the Latin conjugations.

-All five conjugations included

-All three persons in both singular and plural

-All tenses

-Both regular and deponent verbs

【免費書籍App】Latin Tester-APP點子

-Infinitive, imperative, indicative and subjunctive moods

-More than 100 different verbs

-Flashcards mode

-Verbs, conjugations, tenses etc. that you fail on will appear more often

-When you get them right, they appear less often

If you use and like this app, please consider donating. If I receive 100 donations, I pledge to add 30 more verbs, and the ability to enable/disable each verb individually in the options. Suggestions for what verbs to add are welcome.

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