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In the background "Google Latitude" is an application that updates regularly.

"Mobile Google Map" for "Latitude" If you use functions in the background could not be updated only occasionally your location and the network location information.

"Latitude Sync", in addition to the acquisition of location information by GPS, and the acquisition of location information through the network, and are here to better accuracy by comparing the two, to update the background at regular intervals specified It is possible.

Schedule be carried out "until the day of the week What time do not update to conserve battery", "This time the opposite is frequently updated," "do not want the weekend update" and how you can be . To schedule that was in my lifestyle, "Google Latitude" and make the most you can spend one's days in the battery-friendly.

"Latitude Sync" and "Mobile Google Map" is so independent, "Mobile Google Map" and "Latitude Sync" setting does not affect each other ("Mobile Google Map" set to not update the location information Even then, "Latitude Sync" location information is updated periodically to update if you put it in).

[If you have updated]

If you downloaded the new version from the market is always "Latitude Sync" Please start again.

Sister has stopped updating and synchronization service, "Latitude Sync" does not resume service until re-start. Service will be resumed again Once launched, as is required especially if there is no "Latitude Sync" can be almost safely closed.

When you restart the terminal "Latitude Sync" There is no need to manually run. If you exit the terminal you started with synchronization service, the service will automatically restart when you restart the terminal.

[If you are using the system task killer app]

If you are using a task-based killer apps, "Latitude Sync" Please set to be the target of a Tasukukiru ("Latitude Sync" or "net.snowwind.latitudesync" to kill a candidate to be excluded from Please have).

Has also been Tasukukiru service has been designed to automatically restart, the battery power becomes intense as Tasukukiru and restart frequently. Also, when location updates in Tasukukiru, the update would have been forcibly broken.

【免費通訊App】Latitude Sync-APP點子

【免費通訊App】Latitude Sync-APP點子

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