Launcher is a home screen replacement for devices running Android 4.0+. It is highly customisable, and my focus now is on optimising and improving rather than feature cramming. It's not intended to be the most customisable, but rather have enough customisation to satisfy my personal needs, and focus on stability more than finding more options to add. Feel free to report bugs but please don't complain if its missing a feature that Apex/Nova have, if you aren't happy with what this has to offer then please use one of those, they are both great.

** I've begun work on an updated Launcher based on Kitkat 4.4, for devices running anything 4.1+ (Jellybean up). Please check it out and give me your feedback :). Slowly merging things over from this one, but it probably won't be as much of a monstrosity of options for some time.


• Support for customising grid size and page counts for homescreens/dock

• Support for adding launcher actions and activity shortcuts to desktop

• Many transition effects to choose from

• Ability to hide apps from the app drawer

• App drawer transparency

• Gesture support (swipe up/down, pinch, spread, double tap)

• Support for Apex & Go Launcher icon themes

• Ability to lock the desktop to prevent changes

• And more...

Please note, on Android 4.0, widgets cannot be added from the drawer. They can be added via long press on the homescreen however. This is an Android permissions issue, which was fixed in 4.1+, and I really don't want to have to request superuser access just to bypass it.

Tinted status bar only works on Android 4.4 (Kitkat).

PollFish Surveys: By simply taking a few seconds out of your time to complete a survey, they will be completely disabled for 36 hours. Also note that the information dialog when dismissing a survey will only happen once per application update.


Bind widgets - Place widgets on the homescreen

Control vibration - Provider haptic feedback to user

Directly call phone numbers - Place direct dial contact shortcuts

Expand/Collapse status bar - Required for the notification/quick setting actions

Full network access - Required for the ACRA bug reporting system

Retrieve running apps - Get recent tasks list

Set wallpaper - Set the device wallpaper

View Wi-Fi connections - Required by PollFish library to minimise mobile data usage

Source Code for 1.11:

(Please no complaints about the sloppy commit logs and lack of comments)

Credit to Icons8 (

) for the glyphs used in the preferences menu and some of the action dialogs.

Big thanks to Cameron O'Riley for beta testing ;)








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