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Law & Legal Dictionary come with all the definitions of legal terms serves to help users understand the legal texts they read (a communicative function) or to acquire knowledge about legal matters independent of any text (a cognitive function) – such law dictionaries are usually monolingual.

This Law dictionary provides a considerable amount of information to the general public, however this information is designed for educational and informative purposes only. The Law Dictionary and the maintainers of this app cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information contained on these pages, nor for any actions made on the basis of information provided by the Law Dictionary,

Main Features:

1. Bookmark – you are able to bookmark the Law and Legal Terms to your favorites list by clicking on the “star” icon.

2. Managing Bookmark Lists – you are able edit your bookmark lists or clear them.

3. Add New Terms – you will be able to add in and store any of the new terms in this Dictionary.

4. > 21,000 Terms – Included all the popular and common Law & Legal terms in the dictionary.

5. FREE – It is completely free. Download at no cost. FOC.

6. Offline – It wok offline, no internet connection is needed.

7. Small Size <1MB – The dictionary will only take a small portion of your Android space .

Please consult your own attorney for further information and advice any and all specific legal and law questions you may have.

【免費教育App】Law & Legal Dictionary-APP點子

【免費教育App】Law & Legal Dictionary-APP點子

【免費教育App】Law & Legal Dictionary-APP點子

【免費教育App】Law & Legal Dictionary-APP點子

【免費教育App】Law & Legal Dictionary-APP點子

【免費教育App】Law & Legal Dictionary-APP點子

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