LazyLad: Neighborhood Shopping

【免費購物App】LazyLad: Neighborhood Shopping-APP點子

Introducing Lazy Lad, your very own personal neighbourhood shopping assistant. Now shop from your trusted local stores with the convenience of your mobile without the need to visit them.

【免費購物App】LazyLad: Neighborhood Shopping-APP點子

There is no need to wait for 2 days to get your items delivered, Lazy Lad guarantees you free home delivery within 90 minutes. This means freedom from boring in store product searches, freedom from standing in long queues while paying the bills or bargaining for the best price from the shopkeeper. Lazy Lad brings everything at your doorsteps in just 4 clicks and that too at pre bargained prices.

【免費購物App】LazyLad: Neighborhood Shopping-APP點子

Our system ensures that the shopkeeper cannot charge anything more than MRP from you while providing you the best of services.

Some of the unique features of our application are -

【免費購物App】LazyLad: Neighborhood Shopping-APP點子

1. Easy 4 click ordering of any item.

【免費購物App】LazyLad: Neighborhood Shopping-APP點子

2. Delivery within 90 minutes.

【免費購物App】LazyLad: Neighborhood Shopping-APP點子

3. Real time order status tracking.

【免費購物App】LazyLad: Neighborhood Shopping-APP點子

4. Cash on delivery.

【免費購物App】LazyLad: Neighborhood Shopping-APP點子

5. One stop solution for all your daily needs.

Currently we are operating in 6 categories - Groceries and Provisional, Bakery, Stationery, Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Seafood and Flowers.

So Sit back relax and enjoy while we take care of all the boring stuff for you.

Some of the brands/products available on our application are -

Dabur, Maggi, Colgate, Cadbury, Garnier, Dove, Godrej, Johnsons & Johnson, Cadbury, Nestle, Pantene, Dettol, Sunsilk, MTR, Kelloggs, Rasoi Magic, Sunfeast, Lifebuoy, Amul, Parle, Lux, Surf Excel, Kissan, Real, Badshah, Everest, Parachute, Ponds, Saffola, Gillette, Huggies, Pampers, Mamy Poko, Cerelac, Pepsodent, Tropicana, Cycle, Brooke Bond, Knorr, Mapro, Horlicks, Mothers Recipe, Britannia, Complan, Odonil, Nescafe, Heads & Shoulders, Rin etc.

After E-Commerce and M-Commerce, N(Neighbourhood) Commerce provides a platform to retail stores enabling them to retain, increase their share of market. Customers get a taste of e-retailing and products from their near by stores. We aim at organising the unorganised shopping complexes which are present in customers near by locality.

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