Learn Addition - Math for Kids

【免費解謎App】Learn Addition - Math for Kids-APP點子

Deep Sea Addition, part of the Deep Sea Math Series, will teach your kids to add while playing a fun counting game!

Join Jamie in this fun math addition adventure as she explores the depths of the sea in search of all the sea creatures.

This is the perfect math game to teach your kids addition. With a combination of engaging graphics and interactive game-play, this game will teach your kids the basic concepts of addition in a fun and interactive way.

Your child will:

- Learn to identify numbers

- Learn the concept of mathematical addition

- Practice addition

- Develop their visual perception skills


- Quality graphics

【免費解謎App】Learn Addition - Math for Kids-APP點子

- Kid friendly interface

- Highly interactive and intuitive to use

- Includes positive reinforcement through audio and original illustrations

- Allows independent play

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【免費解謎App】Learn Addition - Math for Kids-APP點子

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【免費解謎App】Learn Addition - Math for Kids-APP點子

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